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Amy snappped out entirely on this poor clueless idiot that got assigned Colin's locker. I call him an idiot only because he seemed to think amy losing her mind was a flirtation tactic. I just don't know how some people walk without falling down. Anyways, I guess there's this big drama now regarding Amy and anti-depressants. She wants them, I told her how much mine were helping me; can't hurt right? I don't think Dr. Abbott is on that boat though. Kind of sucks because I know I wouldn't have gotten this far without mine. I remember after Colin died I couldn't sleep, I would wake up every night and just lay there and cry. It was rough. I hope she's okay soon. She's my "best friend".

In other non-amy related news, I bought some really good CD's today, Jason Mraz, The libertines, and The Strokes (my last copy was scratched to bits). SO yay for that. other than that, I'm tired, I have school work to do, and of course I've been checking my e-mails instead, so i'm going to go get at that now. Have a good night all
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