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V-day, somebody please shoot me.

Well.... what to say. It took me a while to get this up, not that it really matters at all. I am so anti-Valentine's. Or, at least, I was.

It's just some stupid holiday where everyone rushes to get a date and gets their boyfriend or girlfriend over sized stuffed bears, and boxes of chocolates. It's sickening. All those giddy girls roaming the hallways running into things because they can't see over the balloons.

And this year of course it had to come on a Friday, so what else am I supposed to do. I was just going to stay home and listen to music and brood, but, then this new guy in town, Ephram, asked me to go out with him.

He's kind of cute in that tormented way. But, he's the only one that I've found thats actually worth talking to for more than two seconds, with the exception of Colin, a bit. I don't know though, there's gotta be some reason why he doesn't have a girlfriend.

I kissed him . . . I don't know, I didn't want to worry about anything. Get in, get out, run out. No need to stay here or have a reason to.
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