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Well . . .

School has been so unbelievably unbearable, just like life these days. But I suppose that four months at a boarding school called Saint Anne's will really do a number on you. On the bright side I think I'm going back home soon. Colin's awake, but he doesn't remember anything. He's on my mind all the time, and the doctors say that he'll get his memory back soon.

I want to go back to Everwood. I mean, sure the people there can be completely small minded, but I've had enough of this...prison. Maybe this journal will be a little bit of an escape. Colin has one of these things, maybe I'll try to him on it? I don't know. I dont' know the right thing to do, I never do. I'm just so damned alone. Parents gone psycho, brother just gone. I should talk to Amy...I haven't talked to her in awhile either. I haven't talked to anyone. Maybe it's just because there's nothing to say.

I need to go back, need to confront things . . .
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