Laynie Hart (layniehart) wrote,
Laynie Hart

mr jones and me, we look into the future.

I feel optimistic. Today is the first day of the rest of your life and such. I hope this feeling lasts. But then again, it could be the zoloft, maybe not being sad for so long is finally beginning to make me normal? I dunno

Sorry I haven't been updating to anyone on my friends list who misses me (ha!) Just not a lot has really been going on with me, not anything that i really want to write about in a public forum at least. I had a date with this guy the other night. It wasn't too bad, he was a nice guy, kind of hot. Sort of stupid though. I don't know if I'll go out with him again, but it could happen. As I said, I'm all about the second chances right now. I met him at that party i went to with Amy. The one that I didn't want to talk about in here because I feel kind of foolish. But then again, sometimes i feel kind of.... proud? I feel so WB. It was one of those moments where you you feel like a proper american teenager being a teenager. I know i needed it that night. ANyways, enough about that I have to go watch life of Brian.
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