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Thank God It's . . . Saturday?

This week has been HELL. Ugh. I'm not talking to anyone no matter who tries these days. I think I might be depressed, or something. Could you blame me? I want out of this freaking hellhole. Doesn't matter if I never thought I'd say I want to be back to Everwood. It was an escape first, but now it's a prison.

Well, at least all I have to do today besides being aloof and rude is homework. Too bad that that consists of an English essay on my wonderful Christmas. Hah! How great, breakfast in the hall, where even my own parents forgot to send me a present. Sure, the Abbott's sent me a box of chocolates and jellybeans. Thanks guys, at least someone remembered. :-) But it doesn't make me forget about mom and dad. sigh.

Anyways, that was off-topic I suppose. I also have 4 pages of Algebra II homework. Biology essay on Biotechnology, History essay on Greek philosophy, Science Fair Project. No big deal, right? Horrible. Do these people have anything better to do?! I had a life once, you know.

Colin - if you're reading this, no pressure all right Cole? Just, I know you've heard this a million times, the whole, if you need to talk jig. But, I am here even if you don't take up the offer. And, I got my friends list from you - figured I might as well complain and hear complaints. ; o )
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